1.2 Meter Automatic Portable Antenna

1.2 Meter Automatic Portable Antenna
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The system is equipped with high performance modified double offset Gregorian antenna with the equivalent diameter of 1.2m. The antenna can complete automatically opening, tracking, pointing satellite, adjustment and collection. The antenna can be arranged easily, no need for calibration and can link the satellite quickly.

The antenna which can be controlled in two mode: auto and manual has an excellent tracking precision, extremely good searching accuracy and also can be operated easily and portably.

(1)Various control modes: Built-in WEB interface ,no need to install the certain software on PC or PDA.Various control modes include custom cable hand-held terminalOne-key operation wireless PDAlaptop(wired or wireless).

(2)Lock the positon with multiple method: GPS, Beidou, input the longitude and latitude, check the stored value, built-in longitude and latitude data base.

(3)Closed loop adjustment of polarization:Have the function of polarization Closed loop adjustment after the antenna tracking beacon ,avoid problems of inaccurate polarization angle because of ground tilt and cross polarization isolation deterioration.

(4)Highly integrated BUC: available for interior BUC power supply. The control system has the BUC monitor function which is convenient for trouble shooting. The control system also has the function of auto transmit.

(5)Target satellite judgment: with the help of a special software, the control system can judge the target satellite efficiently. Support iPstar Satellite which enhance the searching accuracy

The main technical indexes of the system

General Performances

Setup Time


Stow Time

≤3 Mins

Antenna Type

Modified double offset Gregorian antenna

Equivalent Diameter


Control Mode

Standard Configuration: wired PC, One-key button

Optional Configuration: wireless terminal, wired handhold terminal


6 carbon fiber panels with curved edge

Auto Lock

Standard Configuration: GPS + built-in latitude and longitude database

Optional Configuration: GPS/Beidou dual-mode + built-in latitude and longitude database

RF Characteristic




Freq. Band

10.9512.75 GHz

13.7514.50 GHz


42.0+20log(f/12.5)  dBi

≥43.2+20log(f/14.25)  dBi

First Sidelobe



Sidelobe Envelope

29-25logθ dBi (1.5°θ20°)

29-25logθ dBi1.5°θ20°)

Port Isolation

Rx Band >35dB

Tx Band >85dB




Cross Polarization

35dBOn-axis);33dBOff-axis 1dB

Polarization Mode

Linear Polarization

Feed Port

Two Ports

Mechanical Characteristic

Az. Range


El. Range

Towards South:25°+90°    (set in advance before delivery)

Towards North:5°+90°     (set in advance before delivery)

Pol. Range


Reflector Size

1250 × 1100 mm (with 6 panels in whole)

Suitcase Size

795 × 518 × 310 mm


≤26.5Kg(Host:22.2Kg, Reflector:4.28Kg, include LNB, without BUC)

Power Requirement

Power Supply Mode

Standard configuration: AC-DC(300w);Input220VAC(5060Hz);Provide 24VDC.5.5A for BUC

Standard configuration: AC-DC(550w);Input220VAC(5060Hz);Provide 48VDC.7A for BUC


≤68W(Peak Value without BUC

External Ports

Host Power Supply

3 Core Waterproof Aviation Plug

Control Mode

Network control port:7 Core Waterproof Aviation Plug,wireless

Hand-held terminal control port:26 core waterproof aviation plug.

BUC Power Supply

Interior Power Supply


N-Type Female Plug

Feed Port



Self-pop-up button with a center indicator indicating the antenna state.

BUC Switch

Self-locking button with a loop indicator indicating the BUC power supply

Special Features

State Indicating

Indicate the state of all the power supply which is convenient for trouble shooting.

BUC Monitor

Real-time monitor the  BUC statement, showing the output power, 10M lock, boot state, attenuation and Auto RF output control(available for a certain set of BUC)

Environmental Suitability

Wind Speed Endurance

Steady Wind≤50km/h(Balance Weight); Gust≤65km/hMore Balance Weight

Temperature Endurance


Stow Temperature Endurance




Protection Level

IP56(Refer to:GB4208-2008)

Vibration Test

Refer to: GJB367A-2001,GJB 150.16-86

Vertical Axis: The total root mean square value is 1.04G

Transverse Axis: The total root mean square value is 0.20G

Longitudinal Axis: The total root mean square value is 0.74G

Impact Test

Refer to: GJB367A-2001,GJB 150.16-86

Accelerated Speed:200m/s2         Time of Pulse:11ms

Count: 3Times/Opposite Direction   Wave Form: Half Sinusoid

Relative Humidity