What Do You Expect From Flyaway Antenna?

What Do You Expect From Flyaway Antenna?

      Flyaway antenna also named transportable antenna, which is mainly used for satellite communication purpose. It is widely used by goverment organizations, media and public security etc. 

       The flyaway antenna usualy include manual and automatic type, most of the both antennas' reflector made up of carbon fiber segemented honeycomb panels. They are lightweight and with convenient operation feature. 

The application feild:

Sudden public events and all kinds of disasters on-site information gathering

Disaster relief

Public security, military, government, oil, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other important sectors of the country

The remote areas and the vast rural areas out of coverage

Field operations, exploration, military police and news media

The package method:

The antenna that size smaller than 1.2m usualy packed by one manpack bag or one aviation case

 1.2m manual flyaway antenna 1m manpack flyaway antenna

For 1.8m manual flyaway antenna, it is usualy packed by two portable cases


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