Installtion For 2.4m RxTx Antenna

  Happy Chinese New Year!Happy Lantern Festival!

  Even though the Chinese new year holiday is just finished,but my colleagues all begin to be busy for installtion for different customers for 2.4m antenna,4.5m antenna,6.2m antenna and so on.Today i will show mainly some information for the characteristics and installation of 2.4m RxTx earth station antenna as followed.

  The 2.4m RxTx earth station antenna are communication antenna designed and produced by Shaanxi newstar communications equipment co.,ltd.The antenna includes three main parts:Reflectors(main and sub-reflectors),feed system,hub and kingpost.The antenna adopts the ring focus type and all antenna mounts are processed by hot-dipped zinc that makes it has below characteristics:

  1.Conform to the CCIR580-4 standards and INTELSAT access requirements.

  2.High gain,low sidelobe,high G/T value

  3.Strong corrosion resistant ability

  4.Opitional c band with 870MHZ bandwidth

  5.Optional C/KU/L band

  Below photos were took from the installation site,please have a look,hope they are useful for you,any query for the antenna,please feel free to contact us for more detailed information and price if need.

2.4m antenna4

2.4m antenna