What Is The Function Of Communication Satellite ?

What is the function of communication satellite ?

Communication satellite (communication satellite): An artificial earth satellite used as a radio communication relay station. The space part of the satellite communication system. The communication satellite forwards the radio signal to enable communication between the satellite communication earth stations or between the earth station and the spacecraft. Communication satellites are divided into geostationary orbit communication satellites, large elliptical orbit communication satellites, medium-orbit communication satellites and low-orbit communication satellites according to different orbits; they are divided into international communication satellites, regional communication satellites and domestic communication satellites according to different service areas; It is not divided into military communication satellites, civil communication satellites and commercial communication satellites; it is divided into fixed communication satellites, mobile communication satellites, television broadcasting satellites, maritime communication satellites, tracking and data relay satellites according to the types of communication services; The differences are divided into dedicated communication satellites and multi-purpose communication satellites.

A geostationary orbit communication satellite can cover approximately 40% of the Earth's surface, enabling any ground, sea, and air communication stations in the coverage area to simultaneously communicate with each other. Three geostationary orbit communication satellites equally spaced over the equator can achieve global communications in addition to the polar regions. Communication satellite is one of the earliest and most widely used satellites in the world.