4.5m High-Speed Rotatory Satellite Communication Antenna

4.5m High-Speed Rotatory Satellite Communication Antenna
Product Details

4.5m high-speed rotatory satellite communication antenna

1) Antenna system advantages:

High reliability, the entire antenna system is very stable;

High security, the antenna material, accessories, electrical components, etc. are in accordance with world-class standards. In the design of both the antenna itself or personal safety have adequate protection;

Antenna has good wind resistance, anti-corrosion and other abilities.

Wide rotating range:azimuth can be 360°rotation, elevation up and down 90°rotation.Motorized polarization device, antenna can quickly and automatically to execute the command under the control system;

Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and long service life;

The entire antenna technology adopts the top domestic technology, it greatly increases antenna’s mechanical accuracy and reduces antenna’s maintenance cycle;

High accuracy antenna panel;

C/Ku band compatible, linear pol, circular pol and linear /circular pol convertible all can be configured;

High gain, low sidelobe, high polarization discrimination. 

2) System Specifications

Antenna control system


Tracking accuracy

Better than one-tenth receiving 3dB beamwidth

Angle sensor

Standard with absolute, single-turn 16-bit optical encoder, accuracy ±0.0220°

Optional absolute, single-turn 18-bit optical encoder, accuracy±0.0220°

Display resolution

0.01°standard)   0.001°optional)

Power input requirements

Power supply:220(1±10﹪)V,50(1±5﹪)Hz;power consumption:300VA

Power supply:3801±10﹪)V501±5﹪)Hzpower consumption:3KVA

Tracking interface

Standard(0-10V)analog voltage input interfaceconnector: BNC

Remote communication interface

Remote network interface: standard RJ-45

System wiring

(1) Motor Cable:RVVP4*1.5mm²

(2) Code plate limit switch cable:RVSP2*6*0.5mm²


(1) Soft/hard limit provide protection for the safe rotation of the antenna

(2) Inverter has short circuit, overload, lack of phase protection and other functions

Working environment 

Antenna controller operating temperature:-20°C~ + 50°C

Cable operating temperature (standard):-10°C~ + 50°C

Cable operating temperature (optional):-30°C~ + 50°CLow temperature cable

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