4.5m Earth Station Vsat Antenna

4.5m Earth Station Vsat Antenna
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4.5m earth station vsat antenna

Newstar 4.5m earth station VSAT Satellite antenna is type approved for C Band/KU band and Ka band applications and is ideally suitable to VSAT or Television/RadioData uplinks. The 4.5m earth station VSAT antenna is ring focus type, and it has been aligned before ex-factory. Therefore, there is no need for antenna users to align it on the installation site.Newstar 4.5m earth station VSAT antenna's reflector panel is stretched by  aluminium plates that thickness not less than 1.5mm. The pedestal and back support frame are through hot dipped galvanised processing; all standard components adopt stainless steel, which extend the operating life of the antenna.

4.5m earth station vsat antenna characteristics:

Conform to the CCIR580-4 standards and INTELSAT access requirements;

Ring focus

High efficiency and low sidelobes performance;

Durability through special processes that resist rust and corrosion;

Optional C band with 870 MHZ bandwidth

Ku-band 2-port or 4-port Linear/Circular feed optional;

4.5m earth station vsat antenna accessories:

Foundation template, anchor bolt;

4.5m earth station vsat antenna optional parts

Deicing equipment, electric equipment, antenna controller, antenna drive unit, drive motor, limit switch, step autotracking, cable, connector, motorized polarization, moving foundation, lightning rod and wire, LNB;

4.5m earth station vsat antenna specifications

Antenna Size4.5m

C band Ku band 
Tx/Rx Frequency (GHz)

Standard frequency:(Tx: 5.85-6.425) (Rx:3.625-4.2)

Extended frequency:(Tx: 5.85-6.425) (Rx:3.4-4.2)

Standard frequency:(Tx: 13.75-14.5) (Rx:10.95-12.75)

Extended frequency:(Tx: 13.75-14.5) (Rx:10.7-12.75)

Gain Tx/Rx (dB)(47.3) (44)(54.3) (53.2)
1st Sidelobe (dBi)-14
Reflector MaterialAluminium
Antenna OpticsRing focus 
Mount TypeAz over El

More details about 4.5m earth station vsat antenna , please dowload the datasheet for reference!