11.3 Meter Satellite Receive Only Antenna

11.3 Meter Satellite Receive Only Antenna
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11.3 meter satellite receive only antenna

Newstar is a professional manufacturer of rich range earth station Tx/Rx and Rx antennas. Their diameter is from 2.4m to 16m.The reflector panel is streched by thickness not less than 1.5mm aluminum plate with high precision, the pedestal and other steel structure are through hot dip glvanized process that with strong rust resistance ability, all the standard components adopt stainless steel material, the former work ensure the complete antenna system can work normally more than 15 years. With superior quality and professioinal after-sales service, Newstar antennas obtain more and more high praises from customers.  

Characteristics of 11.3 meter satellite receive only antenna

High gain, low sidelobe, high polarization identification rate;

High precision reflection panel;

Cassegrain type;

C/Ku/X/L/S band optional;

C/Ku common antenna, linear polarization, circular polarization, dual linear&dual circular optional;

Trussed pedestal


Foundation template, anchor bolt, electric equipment, antenna controller, antenna drive unit,drive motor, limit switch, cable, connector;


Deicing equipment, ODU support, electric polarization, lightning rod and wire,LNB;

Specifications of 11.3 meter satellite receive only antenna