Satellite Antenna Control Equipment

Satellite Antenna Control Equipment
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Satellite Antenna Control Equipment

Newstar Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading communication antenna manufacturers and suppliers in China, it is an ISO9001 certified factory providing reasonable price with superior quality products. 

NS - X000 Controller Series Products

NS - X000 antenna control system (ACS) suit to the automatic control system of two or more than two axis AC motorized driving satellite communication earth station . NS - 1000 type antenna control system is one of the antenna control NS-series products, the whole system including: the antenna control unit (ACU), antenna drive unit (ADU), antenna angle sensor, control protection device and the connecting cable, etc. NS - 1000-A (suit to ≦4.5 meters’ antenna control) controller is used for triaxial or below triaxial satellite earth station automatic control,keeping antenna drive device and controller in indoor; NS-1000-B type (suit to 6.2 m antenna control) controller is used for more than triaxial double speed control,whose antenna controller is placed indoor, drive devices outside;NS-2000(suit to 4.5 meters below the antenna control) is of high performance,integrated control system,with DSP + FPGA signal processing system as the core,which is R&D for satellite earth station antenna;It is the upgraded control system  above NS-1000-A type,integrating NS-1000-A and the beacon receiver in a 2 u chassis, realizing the large communication antenna automatic control.

System Function

● Antenna location real time display

● Manual control 

● Antenna pointing 

● Star guiding

● step auto-tracking

● Polarization adjustment

● Remote control

● Parameter setting

● Two-speed drive (optional)                   

● Control protection device

● Branch console and remote control function (optional

● Remote control software (optional)

2.2Main Technical Parameters





Angle range

Az.and El.

0°~ 359.99°

Linear polarization Angle


Angel display resolution

Az. and El.


Linear polarization Angle


Tracking accuracy

1/10 Receiving beam width

The preset star no.

50 satellites

6 satellites

drive mode

Az.and El.

Three-phase AC variable frequency control of motor speed

Polarization mode conversion

Single-phase AC /single speed

Polarization side adjustment

Single-phase AC /single speed

driving power

Az.and El.



Each 0.1 KW

Adaptive capacity to environment


indoor temperature


indoor humidity


outdoor temperature


outdoor humidity


alternating current

ACU voltage


ADU voltage

380V±10% Three-phase/five lines 



Boundary dimension


482×88×410 mm

482×88×410 mm


430mm X 442mm X 87.5mm


482×88×410 mm

700×1100×300 mm


482×88×410 mm

482×88×410 mm